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Carola is from Scotland. She has three children, an older daughter and twins, two boys. She has lived in two countries and gave birth to her twins while living in Belgium.

Kate is from England. She has four children, an elder son and triplets, two boys and a girl. She has lived in three countries and gave birth to her triplets while living in Hong Kong.

Between them, they have 7 children, 6 hens, 3 dogs, a love of the natural world , being creative and many many stories to tell.

They both continue to Mother in Belgium.

With love Carola & Kate

Mighty exciting media!

Just a little clip from our recent interview with the lovely ladies of the Birth Communi-Tea based in New York. It was such a privilege to be invited!


Wowsers we've been busy!

  • We have...



  • 22 released episodes

  • 3 interviews

  • 1 magazine feature

  • 1 book

  • Still to come...

  • The Mighty Meet

  • ICOMBO initiatives

  • Pregnancy postcards

  • Podcast guests in USA

  • More episodes

All in 4 months. Told you we were Mighty!


The lovely humans we grew!


Kind words from lovely people...

Celebrating the wonderful people who we've helped and encouraged us so far..

It is not often you meet mothers who have had twins and triplets and get to hear their experience of the journey. The openness and transparency of what Carola and Kate have gone through as Mothers is very refreshing to listen to. This insightful and warm podcast was a pleasant break from my day and I already look forward to the next one! I would highly recommend you give the Mighty Mothers a listen to. Take a break, get comfortable and enjoy!

Sandy & Marine - Belgium


Such a fantastic, funny and engaging podcast.  I can’t wait for the rest of the story to unfold. I loved the funny and down to earth chatter of this really interesting and unique tale of two mums and lots of babies

Wow… just soo interesting to hear two very personal accounts of multiple Mothers.

As a radio/podcast listener I’m really looking forward to the next episodes, it had me gripped. I did love it, and can’t wait to hear all the next chapters. It’s a winner in my book.


Shona - Scotland

Hey Ladies, or shall I say: Mighty Mothers. Just listened to your podcast. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! I loved it; funny, relatable (even though I don’t have multiple foetuses), informative! Just great! I love that you have a clear motive of looking back and reflecting from the beginning of it all. I am looking forward to hearing them all. Well done ladies!!!!

Laura - Belgium

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